Verloskundige in den haag. Statenkwartier, duindorp, scheveningen en geuzenkwartier


Mervi den Hollander

Active as an obstetrician in The Hague since 2006. In the districts Duindorp, Scheveningen, Geuzenkwartier, Statenkwartier and Belgisch park. Expert and very involved in your pregnancy.

How do I guide your pregnancy?

Being pregnant feels like careful joy, bewilderment, disbelief, doubts or outrageous joy. Being pregnant is a time of discovery in which you experience that your body can do more than you thought possible. My most important task is to give you the best guidance during this period, so that you can meet your birth with confidence. But also that you and your partner are well prepared for the upcoming parenthood.

Studies show time and again that obstetric care on a small scale provides more health benefits and increases the chance of a natural birth. That is why I opt for personal care and one-on-one supervision.

A good obstetrician is an expert in the medical field, keeps her own knowledge at a high level, radiates peace at all times and is always there for you. I take care of that.

There is only one goal: a healthy mother and a healthy child.


I am 54 years old, married and mother of 2 fantastic children.
I have been an obstetrician for over 13 years and until November 2018 I worked from my shared practice Tuya.

On November 1, 2018 I started a new practice at Eisenhowerlaan 81 in The Hague. In the Statenkwartier Huisartsenpraktijk. A new step to further practice this wonderful profession and always being close to my own clients.

After all these years I still enjoy my work a lot. That is because of love for the profession.


It is not necessary for an obstetrician to do everything alone. As your midwife I coordinate care, guarantee continuity and I am your first point of contact during your entire pregnancy, including the delivery and the maternity period. I am always available.

But I also believe that we must join forces in healthcare. Collaboration with primary and secondary healthcare providers offers many extra options for offering healthcare as complete as possible. I enjoy working with general practitioners, gynecologists from the hospitals (Bronovo, Haga and Westeinde), pediatricians, maternity care, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, sexologists and the consultations.
I like to use everyone's specialism. 

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